Acuity: creating value through connections

Acuity: creating value through connections
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I believe one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is accepting the status quo. 

It’s really the foundation of where we started in 2003. We realized there were questions we weren’t asking, simply because we didn’t think there was another option. In that, we found an opportunity to challenge the standards of the genetics industry and redefine how genetics really drive commercial productivity and profitability.

We were born from a commercial system

We started in your shoes as producers. Every producer knows that anything is on the table when it comes to finding opportunities to increase potential profitability. We have always appreciated the value that genetics provide as a driver of profitability. However, we learned that we weren’t getting the full value available to us. By taking a hands-on approach by diving into the needed research and development, we were able to ensure integrated value was created.

So, we stepped back and assessed how the genetics were being evaluated, how they truly impact the commercial herd and we made incremental improvements. Each iteration moved us toward increased value and gave us learnings that improved the next generation.

We’ve developed a unique set of tools to create tailored genetic solutions

We understand genetics are an investment. We wanted to provide a product that works within the context of the system in which it will be used — the commercial system — your system. We have, and will continue to, enhance our proprietary lines and create strategic partnerships to improve our toolbox. 

We then use our Commercial Test Herd to validate and vet these lines within a real commercial system. This not only validates our genetics, it ensures the genetic change is realized even in the face of real-world potential efficiency drags: feed conversion, ADFI, even survival. 

We have verified our progress within The Maschhoffs’ system and we are now ready to offer not only the genetics, but the learnings, to other producers.

Partnership isn’t just a buzzword for us

We began Acuity because we want to do more than just provide great genetics. We want to provide partnership, passion, and expertise to drive this industry forward. We intend to hold ourselves accountable, and we hope our partners will, too. 
What we offer are genetic tools, and more importantly, a service-mindfulness to help our partners meet their goals. Thus our tagline: Your Success Is Our Benchmark. However you define success, we want to have the data, the technology and the support to get you there.

Let’s build your legacy on a strong foundation

We can’t change the industry overnight.

It’s taken us 15 years to develop Acuity genetics to a point where we feel we’ve broken the barrier of industry standards. Moving forward, it will take collaboration and working together to continue to raise these benchmarks. 

And we’re looking forward to working with you to do exactly that.

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