Making Genetics Accessible

Making Genetics Accessible
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The nature of how genetic material has to be disseminated limits how accessible genetic improvements can be. Because of this, we’ve continued to learn and iterate on our genetic lines and how we deploy genetic improvement at the commercial level.

Making genetics accessible at the commercial level ensures viable genetics that drive the industry forward.


We have forged key partnerships  with industry leaders to continually improve our genetic offering. These partnerships expand our technical expertise, commercial product expertise, and our joint supply chain infrastructure, which helps make genetic improvement more accessible at the commercial level.


In addition to our industry partnerships, we have collaborated with academia to generate research to increase the quality and viability of genetic material. 

An example: Our partners at Iowa State University found some interesting insights in regards to  boar fertility ─ showing that motility and morphology are not complete indicators of fertility. This type of research is only valuable if we invest in understanding how to apply it. 

With new understanding of genetics and fertility, we are able to implement more applicable practices that in turn, develop a more profitable genetic output.

We want to move the industry forward

To do that, we’re working to pull together a top-notch team, inside and outside, our shop. We believe that a willingness to learn, challenge and iterate is necessary for both us ─ and you.  We will continue to provide the appropriate tools, technology, and information to achieve success moving forward.

We’re happy to share our insights. Get in touch.

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