The Acuity Differentiator: Ensuring Predictable Performance

The Acuity Differentiator: Ensuring Predictable Performance
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Before a single pig enters your barn, you’ve made thousands of decisions — systems, feed, labor, markets — you’ve determined the pig’s future before it even arrives. What’s the pig bringing to the table? We understand the pig and its genetics set the starting point — and the ceiling — for your future success or disappointment. To support this, we’ve invested in significant analysis of those genetics through our Commercial Test Herd

Ensuring predictable performance begins with making decisions based on applicable, real-world data. Using commercially relevant data allows us to better understand the performance potential of sires, which in turn, allows commercial producers to make more informed decisions to drive genetic progress in their herds.

Acuity’s Commercial Test Herd (CTH) ensures predictable performance through commercially relevant testing and data analysis. We believe this to be one of Acuity’s key genetic differentiators.

Why this is so different

Testing genetics in a commercial environment isn’t new; however, the commercial R&D platform upon which the CTH is built, allows for a scale and precision that is new and differentiated. Whether it is our ability to capture pen intake by sire, individual boar fertility, or a sire’s percent grade A pigs to the plant, we leverage 500+ offspring per sire to understand differences and select boars for future generations that will generate more value for our commercial partners.

Why we invested in this approach

When the Maschhoffs were looking for profit differentiators, feed, nutrition, and health were all variables evaluated ─ but the bottom line for performance is genetics. After 15+ years of research and development, we’re confident in the genetic base we’re building. AND, we plan to continue and iterate on that by consistently testing next-generation sires through our Commercial Test Herd.

Why this matters

I worked for a large integrator prior to joining Acuity and had the good fortune of seeing the value of a commercial test herd every day. Understanding and assessing genetics with commercial data has always been core to the industry and yet, is done by only a handful of genetic suppliers in their selection program. Our approach creates a different value proposition for the industry. We’re evaluating our commercial genetics in a simulated commercial environment to evaluate our genetic offer before it reaches your operation. While we will continue to work closely with our partners to collect and analyze relevant data, we’re building a stronger genetic foundation with a depth of data analysis significantly different from other genetic offers.

How we will deliver this

The Acuity Commercial Test Herd is built on a large commercial system’s R&D platform. The process begins with understanding how value is created from the boar stud to the packing plant. How can we:

  • Collect data that allows us to improve boar fertility?
  • Increase quality pigs weaned? 
  • Reduce mortality and morbidity in the nursery? 
  • Drive a higher % of grade A market pigs? 
  • Increase lean yield? 
  • Improve pork quality?

These performance indicators have been a driving focus for our sister company, and the swine production industry, for decades. For the last 15, we have applied this same thought process to genetic improvement. Now we have moved to use that focus ─ these hard-fought insights ─ and dedication to value, to develop, and to iterate on these traits for our commercial partners. 

At the end of the day, we are here to generate more profit potential for your system, and we believe that the Acuity Commercial Test Herd is a pillar to deliver just that. 

Looking forward to evaluating benchmarks with you,

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