Meet Ian Brooke

Meet Ian
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Director of Supply Chain and Operations

How did you get involved within the swine industry? 
I grew up in Albany, Indiana, right outside of Muncie and I spent ten years in 4-H showing pigs — which led to my passion for swine genetics. My competitive nature and love of showing purebred hogs sparked my interest in genetics. Having an early exposure to agriculture eventually brought me to Purdue University, graduating with an Animal Agribusiness degree in 2010. I was a member of the livestock judging team as well as a member of Alpha Gamma Rho.

In 2011, I began with the Maschhoffs as a Field Advisor giving me an opportunity to be a part of a large commercial system. The Maschhoffs had a culture I wanted to be a part of — it felt like a family and I didn’t feel like a number — I was truly considered a valuable member that impacted the success of the business. This culture led me to grow inside of Maschhoffs and to manage both commercial and multiplication farrow to finish systems.

I wanted to make each generation better than the previous generation.

What is your role within Acuity?
My focus is on creating a strong, healthy supply chain of the best genetics for our customers. We are positioned to expand our multiplier network to get our customers access to our products. 

What’s the commercial test herd mean to you? 
The commercial test herd provides validity in what we do; the analysis of genetic lines in a commercial setting provides us an opportunity to ensure predictable performance for our customers. We leverage our boars’ offspring in a real-world commercial setting, so we can deliver our customers the value that drives their bottom line. The commercial data is fed back to nucleus sources, which allows us to make improvements within each generation of animals, focusing not solely on one specific trait, but all traits that make commercial production more efficient. We can ultimately provide customers with faster improvement and more data points to give them confidence in our indexes.

Having been built inside a commercial system, I’m excited to find real solutions for a commercial customer. I’ve seen our progress and I’ve seen the animals we’re producing, that quality paired with our focus on customer service means we can deliver results unique to each farm or system.

Where do you see Acuity Genetics in the future?
I hope that we can continue to progress and provide genetics that are competitive for our customers. As the leader in supply chain and operations, I want to evolve our supply chain network so that we can service customers wherever they are from a nearby regional hub. Our team continues to work to improve our ever-evolving toolkit so that we can continue to provide quality solutions and genetics that directly meet the customer’s needs. And, I think what is most important is that we plan to work with our customers to build the right solutions for their goals based on a genetic foundation that is backed by validated commercial research.

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