What does value mean to you?

What does value mean to you?
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I get asked a lot what value means. We say we are delivering value, we intend to deliver value, customer value matters most, and on and on. But, what does that really mean to us? I penned a few thoughts.


A very universal term, but it has an individual definition for each producer and operation. Models and profit equations are as unique as each producer’s goals. For us, that means we need to fundamentally understand how we can provide a genetic offering that delivers from the boar stud to the packing plant inside a producer’s model. When we understand from a production standpoint what value is, where it comes from and how it pushes through the chain, then we can effectively apply that information to our genetic program. That means we can continue to learn and adapt. Coming from a commercial program, we understand the necessity for a genetic solution that fits — not just a one-size-fits-all offer. 

For us, value is delivering more money to our customers’ pockets.

Understanding the economics of value. 

Where profitability is added — and more importantly, lost — in a production system is vital to understand. Each decision is driving an equation to get more pounds of pork, but it’s not as simple as that. You can’t solely focus on low cost, or you can save yourself into poverty. But on the other side, you can’t only focus only on volume, because you can make those pounds really expensive. It’s creating a product, beginning to end, that will perform well so that you can get more of it in a cost-effective manner.

When we understand where those levers of opportunity, and their tradeoffs, are in a production setting, we are more equipped to provide a product that will create profitability through the whole system. At Acuity, we work to not only raise the bar in performance but also ensure that the performance makes it to your farm. We battle-test our lines so that only the best genes are delivered to your door — genes that are proven by technology and come with production-minded tech support. 

Understanding the value YOU need.

It comes down to understanding you — what are your goals? There are good products out there, but the ability to come in and sit down with a customer, understand their model and provide a genetic solution recommendation in a manner that generates value in that model is our key differentiator. Our approach is solutions-driven — and we might not be a fit for everyone, or maybe only part of our offering aligns for that customer — but we want to deliver a genetic solution, not simply a product, and we will spend the time to understand your operation and the layers that go into it to do just that. 

Your success is our benchmark — our only benchmark. And that’s more than a tagline for us.

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