A family focused on the future

A family focused on the future
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Tracy and Jeff Rohrer built their first pig barn in 1984, and now, over 40 years later, they are still growing Rohrer Family Farms with their daughter, Olyvia, husband, Bradley, and son Janzen. Part of that growth stems from joining as a multiplier for Acuity, and recently expanded to include Fast Genetics genes.

A truly multi-generational operation, the Rohrers consider family and their long-term employees both part of the family. When you visit, it is simply one big family.

A family feat

Olyvia joined the farm in 2012 as the Day One Specialist and has recently built a nursery with her husband to continue the farm’s growth. “It’s always been my passion, always been my fit. I am excited for work every day, even getting up at 5 a.m.,” Olyvia says. “Olyvia is just like her dad — strives to do an excellent job,” adds her mom, Tracy. “Our son, Janzen, takes care of one of our barns,” Tracy continues. “He is also now becoming involved in loading pigs and he really enjoys that, which I see as a good thing.”

While family and an incredible team keep the farm going and growing, partnering with Acuity has added a new opportunity. A few years back, Jeff wasn’t happy with his options. He was connected with Acuity’s team and sat down with Justin Fix, Ph.D., and Chris Witte after the Keystone Pork Expo. “From there, I knew I had found a fit for my family with strong potential for longevity to continue building generations on the farm,” Jeff says. “The integrity and knowledge was there, and they were very driven. I knew that I would enjoy working with Acuity.”

“We are happy to be partnered with someone that we share the same philosophies with,” added Tracy.

Hitting the trifecta

Partners are so important to the success of any business, especially at the beginning. Picking the right partners is a long-term investment that easily returns value. The Rohrer family’s commitment to the success of their farm, and Acuity as well, is the recipe that makes them exactly what we are looking for. Finding the right multiplier can be challenging as there are a number of factors involved. Location, business incentive and commitment are the big three that can make or break a multiplier relationship. The first barrier, location, is simply logistics as the farm has to be in an area that isn’t overly pig dense and has outstanding biosecurity.

After that, the more subjective factors start to play. Do business incentives meet both sides’ goals? Are you committed to each other and making the partnership successful? We have to provide a product that works, and they have to be committed to excellence in pig production so that together we can deliver a dependable, reliable and healthy pig.

With the recent acquisition bringing Acuity and Fast Genetics together, the Rohrer family has now started producing Fast matings as well.

Valuable partners bring customer value

We found a valuable partner with the Rohrer family. It all boils down to delivering on your word and working through situations with trust and honesty. Who we choose to partner with drives our ability to deliver on our commitments to our customers. The Rohrer family has such a strong business that is incredibly valuable to work with, and we are always looking for more solid and driven producers to partner with.

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