Building a Better Customer Outcome

Building a Better Customer Outcome
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Since joining the Sexing Technologies (STgenetics) group of companies, we’ve had many questions about our combined technology platform. Under STgenetics we joined forces with Fast Genetics and have established a complementary expansion of our combined resources. Here we have outlined those resources as the pillars of our genetic foundation and how we see them working together to deliver true, differentiated value.

Combining Longevity with Fresh Expertise

STgenetics’ foundation traces back to 1997. Over the years, they have developed technologies, companies, and partnerships to best leverage their resources and their team’s expertise to drive genetic technology evolution.

Detailed history of STgenetics

STgenetics has pioneered and is a global leader in genetics and sex-sorted sperm in both the bovine and porcine industries. Not only do they hold the proprietary rights for sex-sorted sperm, but they also offer a suite of other technologies that position them and their entities as leaders in their industries. The leap into the swine business started with the purchase of Fast Genetics in 2015 and expanded with the purchase of Acuity in 2022.  As sister swine genetics brands making up the porcine division of STgenetics, we are positioned to provide a unique and proprietary suite of technologies to the swine industry.

Reproductive Technologies

The focus of our reproductive technologies revolves around the development and implementation of tools that accelerate the delivery of genetic progress to our customers. At the forefront of that platform are gender sorting technologies. The sex sorted sperm process is a highly accurate and proven technology that sorts based on DNA difference between X and Y- bearing cells. As sperm cells flow through the sorter, the proprietary software detects the difference between X and Y-bearing sperm cells – allowing a producer to specify the gender of the progeny of litters they produce. Foundational to our sex-sorted sperm program is an ability to cryopreserve sorted doses. This allows for one central location for sorting, freezing, and shipping of frozen sorted doses internationally. Our on-going focus is to continuously improve the viability of sperm that have been sorted and frozen, to further enhance the delivery of genetic value.

Our sorters are a valuable and multifaceted technology—in addition to sex sorting they can identify sub fertility in boars, through our proprietary KaryoFlow technology. Karyoflow was developed as a modified sorting procedure that identifies boars with chromosomal abnormalities, such as translocations, deletions, and duplications that result in sub fertility.

Implementation of technologies like KaryoFlow and sex-sorted sperm within the genetic system allow us to skew gender ratios and accelerate delivery of genetic progress. Introducing these technologies throughout our multiplication network allows for an increase in product supply. Not only does this increase product supply, but in the near future, we plan to implement sex-sorted sperm at the commercial level with our customers – allowing users anywhere in the world to better leverage our superior sires.

Phenotyping and Monitoring Technologies

In many other species, integration of phenotyping and monitor technologies have been successfully implemented. STgenetics has powered significant investment into these types of technologies, whether it be through thermal imaging or their newly launched FarmFit technology. The proprietary FarmFit platform involves sensor technology that monitors and manages individual animal health and the environment they live in. Their investment into these technologies follows through into the swine sector; allowing for enhanced health and welfare, and subsequently, our animals are able to better express their genetic potential.

Genetics and Genomics

Our extensive genotyping process, aimed at assessing and leveraging specific DNA information, creates a growing capability to accurately tailor genetic change in traits that are traditionally slow to improve.  The process is facilitated at Genetic Visions, a STgenetics lab located in Middleton, WI., where proprietary genomic panels and methodologies are deployed to enable more accurate selection decisions throughout our genetic pyramid.

In pigs, most economically important traits are controlled by several regions of the genome (several SNPs). Through state-of-the-art technology used at Genetic Visions, we are capable of assessing detailed genetic variations as part of our routine genomic evaluation. The main purpose of genomic analysis is to develop Genomic Estimated Breeding Values (GEBVs) for traits that matter to our customers. They enable more accurate selection of young offspring via exhaustive SNP information, which predict how they will develop and perform. Practically, the use of GEBVs translates into significantly faster genetic gains, creating better pigs – delivering realized value to our customers.

Commercial Data

Not only is phenotypic and genotypic information pertinent in nucleus populations, it also ensures the collection of data on the animals whose performance they are trying to dictate – commercial pigs. Our Commercial Test Herd (CTH) allows the capture of real-world commercial performance data on the offspring of our genetics. This data ensures selection and breeding decisions in the genetic herds are creating desired outcomes in customer herds – demonstrating a connection from the top of the genetic pyramid to the bottom.

Testing genetics in a commercial environment isn’t new; however, the commercial R&D platform upon which the CTH is built, allows for a scale and precision that is new and differentiated. Whether it is the ability to capture pen intake by sire, individual boar fertility, or a sire’s percent grade A pigs to the plant, we leverage information from 500+ offspring per sire to understand differences and then select boars for future generations that will generate more value for commercial partners.

What These Technologies Mean for Your Bottom Line

Producers invest a lot in their genetic program, and trust that we will provide them with the best genetic foundation available. However, animal performance is a function of genetics AND the environment in which they are managed in. We believe that by offering both a leading genetic foundation and an integrated suite of solutions outlined here, our partners will be better equipped to realize their genetic potential.

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