The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

We share a mutual goal with our partners: moving the industry forward. That starts with supporting our partners and helping them raise their bottom line. Sharing perspectives and insights, together, we can move the industry forward.

Building a Better Customer Outcome

By Acuity Genetics | February 7, 2023

Since joining the Sexing Technologies group of companies, we’ve had many questions about our combined technology platform. Here we briefly summarize the pillars of our genetic foundation and how we see them working together to deliver true, differentiated value.

Meet Garrett See

By Acuity Genetics | August 8, 2022

Genetic Services Geneticist What is your role within Acuity? As a genetic services geneticist, my role within Acuity is to develop new ways to provide genetic improvement to our customers.…

A family focused on the future

By Ian Brooke | July 26, 2022

Tracy and Jeff Rohrer built their first pig barn in 1984, and now, over 40 years later, they are still growing Rohrer Family Farms with their daughter, Olyvia, husband, Bradley,…

The First 90 Days…

By Justin Fix, Ph.D. | May 12, 2022

Sometimes, change doesn’t feel that different It’s been about 90 days since the Acuity acquisition announcement. Since then, the Fast and Acuity teams have been tirelessly working to maintain customer…

An announcement: Fast Genetics acquires Acuity

By Clint Schwab, Ph.D. | February 1, 2022

From the desk of Clint Schwab, Ph.D., President of Acuity As of February 1st, Acuity has been acquired by Fast Genetics, a part of the Sexing Technologies family of businesses.…

What does 286 Empire State Buildings mean for you?

By Tamar Crum, Ph.D. | December 27, 2021

Next to our people and our pigs, data is our greatest asset. The concept of data collection is not new, but the specifics — the metrics, the collection practices, the…

What does value mean to you?

By Justin Fix, Ph.D. | December 17, 2021

I get asked a lot what value means. We say we are delivering value, we intend to deliver value, customer value matters most, and on and on. But, what does…

The value of our people

By Ian Brooke | October 5, 2021

An Interview with Jon Hoek, President of Summit SmartFarms Two common industry issues: labor and information overload. To alleviate any issue, you need an actionable plan. We’ve partnered with Summit…

Genetic decisions with all the information

By Caleb Shull, Ph.D. | June 16, 2021

You don’t know what you didn’t ask. Outcomes are always measured within farms. However, there isn’t typically a large depth and breadth to that measurement to identify the real influencers of those outcomes. Noting this industry gap, Acuity sought out partnerships with commercial producers to establish and develop unique technology centers.

Open-source data drives every 21st century business, why not the pork industry?

By Clint Schwab, Ph.D. | June 3, 2021

DNA is the rawest — but highest potential — investment to differentiate the pork we produce. Working with partners opens opportunities for shared learnings to move the pace of business forward, faster.

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