The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

We share a mutual goal with our partners: moving the industry forward. That starts with supporting our partners and helping them raise their bottom line. Sharing perspectives and insights, together, we can move the industry forward.

Genetic progress with certainty

By Tamar Crum, Ph.D. | May 12, 2021

The use of genomics is a key factor in Acuity’s genetic development programs. Learn more about how Acuity’s implementation of genomics leads to an increase in accuracy for targeted traits.

Linking Fertility and Performance

By Amanda Minton, MS | April 9, 2021

With Acuity’s approach to genetic verification through their Commercial Test Herd, there is an opportunity to gather that individual boar fertility data — outside of the baseline motility and morphology parameters. Learn more about how Acuity evaluates fertility when selecting the best sires for a production environment.

Meet Ian

Meet Ian Brooke

By Acuity Genetics | March 12, 2021

Ian’s background in the swine industry fueled his passion for swine genetics and led him to join the Maschhoffs in 2011. In his role with Acuity, he will be focused on creating a strong, healthy supply chain of the best genetics for each customer. Learn more about his point of view.

The Acuity Differentiator: Ensuring Predictable Performance

By Justin Fix, Ph.D. | February 5, 2021

As genetic potential sets the ceiling for production output, ensuring predictable performance is crucial for commercial success and profitability. Acuity’s commercial test herd ensures that by validating and assessing genetic potential by utilizing pen by sire trails and rigorous testing and evaluation.

Making Genetics Accessible

By Justin Fix, Ph.D. | January 11, 2021

Our priority is to ensure accessible, viable genetics that move the industry forward. Learn more about how we use insights and partnerships to drive genetic progress.

Meet Justin Fix, Ph.D.

By Acuity Genetics | December 9, 2020

Justin Fix has spent his career in swine production; each career move has grown his perspective on generating value. He brings his unique production vantage point to Acuity. With both the Acuity team and the Acuity genetic lines, Justin focuses on supporting producers to bring value to the swine industry. Learn more about his perspective.

Meet Clint Schwab, Ph.D.

By Acuity Genetics | November 18, 2020

Dr. Schwab joined the Maschhoff’s in 2012. In the last eight years, he has been part of the team challenged to build an entirely new genetic program, the foundation for Acuity. Learn more about Dr. Schwab.

Acuity: creating value through connections

By Clint Schwab, Ph.D. | October 28, 2020

I believe one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is accepting the status quo. In 2003, we found an opportunity to challenge the standards of the genetics industry and redefine how genetics really drive commercial productivity and profitability. Learn more about Acuity’s origin.

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