Product offering

Product offering

Commercially-directed, real-world Research and Development is the foundation of our product lines. We have created lines that are proven to deliver unparalleled value in a commercial system.


Terminal Lines

The Acuity Duroc leverages the robustness and growth of a Duroc, with differentiating muscling and leanness.


Maternal Lines

The Acuity Landrace is designed to wean uniform litters of heavy and robust piglets. She combines strong conformation with excellent mothering ability differentiated muscularity.


Maternal Lines

The Acuity Yorkshire is selected for longevity, mothering ability, and an efficient, lean composition. This enables her to consistently deliver integrated system value.


The Acuity Commercial Test Herd

Our Commercial Test Herd is the foundation of the Acuity genetic offer. Our test herd analyzes the true genetic potential of a selected sire’s progeny to ensure predictable performance. We replicate this process with each sire in a commercial environment, intentionally introducing real-world variables, assuring the only difference in output is the true genetic potential of the animal.

The Acuity Commercial Test Herd: Genetic potential — tested and confirmed — ready for your operation.

The Process

First, we select sires at the nucleus level. Then we test those sires to confirm performance potential in a simulated commercial production environment. We utilize rigorously designed technology and management processes to remove environmental bias from data collected to validate that demonstrated results are true genetic differentiators.

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